Sunday, April 29, 2007

[PICS] Top 10 Most Awe-Inspiring Photos

Ok so without further ado, I compiled this list after browsing through thousands of photos, picking out the top 10 (In my opinion) most awe-inspiring photos.

10. b2

Simply a great landscape, with wonderful colors

9. b1

A very similar photo, except now at a mystical feeling of solidarity.

8. b5

An incredible landscape, with somewhat of a foreboding feel. Definately worth a second look!

7. 1183104

A photo of an aurora taken from the window of a plane at night. It may not be the most elegant photo, but something about it's mood keeps your interest.

6. b8

An amazing photo of the atlantic ocean taken in Maine, with an incredible array of colors makes it worth keeping.

5. b9

A completely different direction for mood, this picture represents bliss and carelessness.

4. b4

Indescribable in words, this picture is one of the best I have found, and it's difficult to look away.

3. 792px-peacekeeper-missile-testing

A dark, and foreboding picture showing a missle breaking apart and crashing into an ocean near a deserted strip of land. The tone is what makes this picture so strong.

2. b3

Another picture where words can't seem to describe the experience of looking at it.

1. atmosphere

Finally, the picture representative of coplete awe...not quite in this world, yet not quite're looking at the brink of space yet you are still very much in the atmosphere of the Eart. A simply incredible picture.

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