Saturday, April 28, 2007

Girl brings medieval weapons to school and attacks classmates!

Girl Attacks Classmate With Medieval Weapon

(CBS) GARY, Ind. A fight at an Indiana high school turned into a medieval attack when a freshman girl hit another student and tried to hit a teacher with an uncommon weapon.Gary police say the girl still has not said how she got the medieval weapon, which weighs about six pounds. The freshman, who has been charged with battery, told police she brought the weapon to school because she was tired of being picked on."She was aiming for my face,” said Shanique Ballard, the target of the attack.Ballard said she bumped into one of the freshman's friends in the hallway at Lew Wallace High School, and an argument started. Ballard said that's when the young girl pulled out a flail – a sharp, spiked metal ball attached to a handle by a chain or short stick – and started swinging."She swung it quick but I just jumped back real quick, 'cause it was long and I had to keep runnin' back,” Ballard said. “I was running back as she was comin' to me."Ballard said her friend's hand got cut when she tried to get between her and the freshman. She added that the girl also swung the metal club at a teacher. “It’s heavy, and it’s metal, and it’s sharp,” Detective Sgt. Darlene Breitenstein said after delivering the girl to the Lake County (Ind.) Juvenile Justice Center, where she is being held on battery charges.“I took the weapon to the detention center for the judge to see,” said Breitenstein."That type of weapon would surprise anyone,” said Lt. Samuel Roberts of the Gary Police Department. “It's not the typical weapon that you may find at a school."School officials told police a fight broke out in a hallway as students changed classes at third hour. The freshman told Breitenstein she took the flail to school because she needed protection.Charmella Greer of the Gary Community School Corp. said disciplinary action will be taken.In a statement, the school's superintendent said the teen entered Lew Wallace using an unauthorized side door to avoid the main entrance where metal detectors and cameras are located. The statement does not say why a security officer is not stationed at that door. The superintendent also said a teacher was never attacked, she just tried to intervene. One parent CBS 2 spoke to Friday afternoon said he was surprised too. He said he was never notified by phone or letter about the attack. He also says he's concerned the heavy object made it past metal detectors inside the school."Any time something like that happens, you know, I believe all parents should be contacted, so something needs to be done about it, definitely,” said parent Raymond Spencer.

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